Wedding Wardrobe:-)

Firstly, I’m sorry for the delay in posting, it turns out my boyfriend was not born to be a wedding planner (your job is safe Franc!) and I had a few bits to do over the last few weeks. In saying that, I was actually slagged a lot for being disorganised – apparently it’s not okay to only start looking for bridesmaids dresses three weeks before the wedding, to do the mass leaflet the day before (I knew I’d never get around to a booklet!) or get fitted for your dress without shoes. I think it’s fine though. The important thing to remember is that 1) a relaxed bride = happy bride and happy bride = happy groom/guests 2) life and marriage are not perfect so don’t worry about having a less than perfect day!

Below is my bridesmaid Dora and her mam Doreen. The bridesmaids wore white (they are the real reason I was relaxed – they were brilliant!) I don’t know why but I always wanted the bridesmaids in white, and they liked the idea too.
Doreen and Dora!
The Bridal Party

I think without planning, a white and green theme emerged as I wanted as much greenery or nature as possible throughout the day.
Green and white inspiration

I picked up the bridesmaids dresses in Marks and Spencers, and the matron of Honour (my big sis), I got her’s on Asos (if you click on the photos they will enlarge). Apparently it’s tradition for the matron of honour to dress differently (you become matron if your married) so I thought it would be nice to dress her differently. The big colour of the day was red however, the girls below were joking that they were too my bridesmaids:-)
Red bridesmaids

After the photos I took off the veil and replaced with a bird cage veil.
One of my friends in work had a beautiful one her mum had made for her, and when she kindly offered it I thought I had to take her up.
2015-05-17 01.04.41

The most exciting part of the evening was after the first dance, as I got to take off the dress. I changed into a cream halterneck and wide legged trousers from Zara and it was so comfortable! I had always wanted to wear trousers to my wedding so thought this would be a good time. And I could finally dance!
Dancing!2015-05-15 00.09.48

Looking back, one of my favourite parts of the day was the ceremony. My cousins Cian and Emma played and sang a mix of Gospel and operatic style hymns and it was fantastic. The entire (little) church rocked and on occasions, I felt like I was in Oklahoma or somewhere down south! “Here I am Lord….!”

As juxtaposing as this sounds, we have headed to northern Ibiza for the Honeymoon to relax. I have never been here before and have always wanted to check out the markets, and boho style. It’s very secluded where we are (we’re on the side of a cliff) and apart from the weather, I could be in the west of Ireland at the Cliffs of Moher! I went to a lovely little organic cafe today called La Paloma, if you ever visit the island you have to visit it!
IMG-20150515-WA0023La paloma
P.s. I played the below song walking into the room for the dinner as I thought it’s a good toe tapper. Matt wasn’t aware we were having a song until the second they opened the door – I figured it would be a good surprise for him – he he! I think dancing to that with family and friends is my best memory of the day:-)

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