COS A/W 16 Preview

I was lucky enough to head along to the COS A/W preview earlier in the month, and like all of their earlier previews, it didn’t disappoint. I have been a big fan of COS for quite some time, mainly down to their cut, colour palette and textures. In saying that, I know from friends that not all of their shapes are to everyone’s liking, however I promise that their skirts, tops, bags, and shoes alone are enough to visit for!
What I loved about the A/W 16 collection was the infustion of colour – purple aubergines, dusty pinks, a nice juxtaposition to the sometimes androgenous look in COS. There were a lot of collapsed, feminine necklines too, and the wide leg trousers took palazzo pants to a whole level! Again lots of of lovely textures (satin and wool), and I couldn’t help but think today when I was in the store, we could do with this stock now rather than the swimwewar! (It snowed in Dublin today – crazy!)
One of the highlights from the event (aside from the clothing), was the fabulous food by Cocu. If you are ever on Baggot St, or Harcourt St, and fancy some healthy lunch or treats, please pop in and give it a go. You’ll have a path worn back to it if you do:-)
Final note – COS also does fabulous menswear – I introduced my brother recently to the brand and he’s now a big fan!


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