About Me

I have been an avid fashion follower since a very young age, in particular loving vintage and bright colours. After spending a year and a half living Milan, my love of fashion escalated past the point of rescue. This culminated with a Master Thesis on Fashion Blogging……and the beginning of stylebiscuit.com.

My writing doesn’t follow any particular structure, I just write about trendy places, person & things I see (particularly in Dublin). When I’m not writing on the blog, I am working as Country Manager with Concha Y Toro, a fabulous Chilean Winery:-) Before that I was a Buyer’s Assistant in Swimwear in Dunnes Stores – hence the soft stop for the Irish owned retailer ♥  Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions (fogartyannemarie@yahoo.com) as I love interacting with blog readers. Finally, I hope you get some, if not as much enjoyment from reading the blog as I do writing it:-)

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